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XC-F-003 440W/350W Waterproof Beam Light

Voltage: AC100V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz,
Ballast: Electronic ballast
Light bulb: OSRAM / YODN 20R
Color temperature: 8500K
Average life: 2000H
Color: with 14 colors + blank
Pattern: with 17 fixed pattern pieces + blank
Prism: Rotate the octahedral prism, which can
be rotated in both directions and the beam
effect can be opened and closed
Lens: high precision glued optical lens
Soft effect: Adjustable light spot angle
Aperture: seven beam adjustment
Focus: Linear focus
Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
Scanning range: X axis 540 degrees,
Y axis 270 degrees
Beam angle: parallel beam angle: 0 -2.3 °
Strobe: two-piece strobe (0.5-9 times / sec)
Number of motors: a total of 13 ultra-quiet
motor, two three-phase motor, 16Bit drive
Control mode: international standard DMX512
Number of channels: 16/20 channel
Other features: remote control lamp switch
function, display lamps, light bulbs use time,
Fan automatic speed control function,
mechanical light automatically reduced when
 the 50% light source power
Appearance: high temperature plastic +
molded alloy material
Waterproof rating: IP 55
Size: 490 × 404 × 822mm (length × width ×
height, lamp vertical up)
Net weight: 32kg