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XC-F-001 350W Beam Spot Wash Light

Input voltage: AC100-240V; 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 540W
Number of beads: 1 YUSUN R17 350W professional
stage bulb
Control signal: DMX 512, master and slave, voice or
Control channel: 16/24 international standard DMX
1 color plate, 13 colors plus white light
1 rotating pattern disc, 12 rotatable patterns plus
white light
Pattern size: diameter of 12mm, diameter 10mm
1 fixed pattern plate, 17 kinds of fixed pattern plus
white light
1 round 16 prism         1 linear 6 prism
Prism overlap function;Color half step function
Electric focus from near to far
Linear electric zoom function (ZOOM)
Zoom range: 2.5 ° -5 ° (beam mode);
 5 ° -39 ° (pattern mode)
2.2-inch color LCD display, can be reversed 180 °
display,Chinese and English bilingual menu
Powercon power plug input
3-pin XLR signal connector input / output
5-pin XLR signal connector input / output
Net weight: 19.8KG
Gross Weight: 22KG
Product Size: 580 * 390 * 590mm
Packing size: 450 (L) * 430 (W) * 570 (H) mm