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Factors of the LED Moving head light damage

2020-09-03 09:42

Xingchen is a Moving head light manufacturer, with many years of manufacturing experience and good service, looking forward to cooperating with you. LED Moving head lights are usually used in stages, squares, and bars. Professional LED moving head lights are high-tech products integrating electronics, optics and machinery. They are stable and reliable, with excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, good heat dissipation, lamp body and materials. The structure meets the requirements of ergonomics and other characteristics. The moving head light is more of a soft and intellectual art that can enjoy the aftertaste in the song and dance. The combination of different colors and patterns forms a soft and gorgeous scene, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

In the process of using moving head lamps, it is often encountered that the moving head lamps are damaged, so what causes the damage of the moving head lamps?

Reasons for damage to LED moving head light:

1. The voltage of the current is unstable, and the increase of the power supply voltage is especially easy to cause the destruction of the LED lamp. There are many reasons for the sudden increase of the voltage. The quality of the power supply, or the improper use of the user, etc. may cause the power supply voltage to rise suddenly. high.

2. The power supply path of the lamp tube is partially short-circuited. This situation is usually caused by a component in the line or the short-circuit of other wires which increases the voltage in this place.

3. It may also be that the LED is damaged due to its own quality and has formed a short circuit, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LEDs.

4. The heat dissipation effect of the lamp is not good. We all know that the light emission of the lamp is a process of heat dissipation. If the temperature in the lamp is too high, the characteristics of the LED will easily deteriorate. This is also easy to cause damage to the LED lamp.

5. It is also possible that water has entered the lamp, because the water is conductive, which will short-circuit the circuit of the lamp.

6. When assembling, the anti-static work is not done well, so that the inside of the LED has been damaged by static electricity. Although the normal voltage and current are applied, it is very easy to cause damage to the LED.

LED moving head light

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