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Energy-saving characteristics of moving head light beam

2020-08-11 03:14

Moving head light beam can be seen everywhere in today's cities, dotted with every city. The beam lights concentrate the light source on a focal point so that the light source can be emitted more concentratedly, forming a light beam. Such lights are called beam lights, or spotlights in layman's terms. Compared with other energy-saving lamps, moving head beam lamps also have their own unique energy-saving features. I will introduce them to you today.

Energy-saving features of moving head light beam:

1. Moving head light beam source has high luminous efficiency

Luminous efficiency comparison: incandescent light effect is 10-15lm, halogen tungsten light effect is 12-24 lumens/watt, fluorescent lamp is 50-90 lumens/watt, sodium lamp is 90-140 lumens/watt, most of the power consumption becomes heat loss.

Moving head beam lighting effect: it can send 50-200 lumens/watt, and the luminous monochromaticity is good, the spectrum is narrow, and it can directly emit colored visible light without filtering.

2. Moving head beam light source is better, less quantity

The single tube power of the moving head beam lamp is 0.03 to 0.06 watts, and it is driven by DC, and the single tube driving voltage is 1.5 to 3.5 volts. The current 15 to 18 mA has a fast response speed and can be operated at high frequency. Under the same lighting effect, the power consumption is one ten thousandth of that of incandescent lamps and one-half of fluorescent tubes. If the light efficiency ratio is used Fluorescent lamps are twice as high as LEDs instead of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, which can save 6 billion liters of crude oil each year. A fluorescent lamp with the same effect is more than 40 watts, while the power of each moving head beam lamp is only 18 watts.

3. Service life of moving head beam light source

Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and halogen tungsten lamps use electronic light field radiation to emit light, filaments are easy to burn, thermal deposition, light attenuation, etc., while LED lamps are small in size, light in weight, and epoxy resin encapsulated, which can withstand high-strength mechanical shock and Vibration, not easy to break, average life span of 3-5 million hours, and beam lamp life span can be up to 3-5 years, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of lamps and avoid the pain of frequent lamp replacement.

4. High security

Low heat, no heat radiation, cold light source, safe to touch, can accurately control the light type and angle of light, light color, no glare, no mercury, sodium and other substances that may be harmful to health.

5. The light source is good for environmental protection

The moving head beam light is a solid luminous body, impact-resistant and not easily broken, waste can be recycled, no pollution, reduced a lot of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and improved people's living environment. It can be called a "green lighting source." "


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